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Welcome to Accipiter Tours & Trails

Accipiter Tours and Trails provides personalized wilderness experiences and adventures with an informally structured and interesting educational element to enhance your experience and appreciation of nature. Conducted predominantly on foot in pristine wilderness areas of Southern Africa, these experiences are designed for the nature lover who wants to get much closer to nature. The educational walking safaris are focused on nature in its broadest context, and the wilderness birding on foot brings an entirely new and exciting aspect to birding.

Like the family of raptors, Accipitridae, from whom we get our name, we are focused – focused on giving you the best experience.

Our mission is

Accipiter’s Trails

Accipiter’s destinations are pristine wilderness areas selected to provide a wide diversity of topography, habitats and wildlife which are ideal for walking trails.

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To provide superior close to nature wilderness learning experiences and adventures.

Discovery Trails

Accipiter is intimately involved with Discovery Trails in promoting conservation in the Makuleke Concession through trails.

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The common thread in all Accipiter’s trails and activities is an educational element, consistent with Johna’s philosophy of providing enhanced wilderness experiences.

Education is about this continuous learning process, and is incorporated on an informal to formal basis.

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